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Creating the storage solution of your dreams has unlimited opportunities with Peach.

Our beautiful collection of European accessories and special features allows you to embellish your custom closet, garage unit, or whatever it is we are building with your taste in mind.

Not only are tailored light fixtures, color choices, and textiles available, but we also offer many more alluring add-ons for you to accessorize with.


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Keep t-shirts, pants, athletic wear, and more laid out for easy access with our customizable drawers.

This effective and attractive format is breaking ground & currently very popular in drawer designs.

It’s the perfect way to keep your wardrobe organized and looking sleek at all times.

Accessories Image
Accessories Image
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Having a built-in system to compartmentalize your clothing is definitely a closet must-have.

Each shelf can be designed to accommodate the proper garment care for things such as wool sweaters, silk blouses, or delicate dresses.

If you want more customization or ideas for maximizing storage space, collaborate with us today.

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Elegantly store your soft and delicate items in any of our pull-out selections.

This rendition of a standard drawer is shallow and flat, and often is made of glass so you can easily spot and access your staple undergarments or daily essentials.

If your life is an endless parade of parties and dinner outings, it is likely that a large portion of your wardrobe consists of elegant dresses, blouses, and other fine garments that aren’t meant for an over-crowded drawer.

Accessories Image
Accessories Image
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Avoid shoving delicate items in a small drawer with our pull-out options, also be perfect for fine undergarments or lingerie.

You deserve storage that meets those standards: pull out garment organizers with clear glass panels to allow you to find anything at a glance.

No more digging through a messy drawer or shoe box to find your favorite bra or underwear - instead, beautifully store all of your delicate clothing items on a secure platform for easy access and convenience.

Accessory Hangers

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There’s never been an easier way to keep ties, belts, scarves and the like organized.

Our selection of accessory holders is perfect for any tie or belt collector, and also doubles as a storage option for your favorite other accessories such as scarves, handkerchiefs, and more.

Hang your finest Hermes or Celine scarf wraps, or all of your staple leather belts so that they’re easily accessible and in their own designated place.

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Having a bin or a drawer for accessories isn’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for an alternative in storing those kinds of items, look no further!

Peach Closets offers all kinds of accessory hanger styles: featuring tall, shallow, multi-compartmented or simple design units for any accessory of the sort.

Plus, you can even choose from different materials and hardwares to match the aesthetic of your closet.

When you’re rushing out the door and need to grab an accessory to complete your look, you can say goodbye to scrambling to find the right belt thanks to our accessory hangers..

Dressing Areas

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Do you have a designated changing space in your closet? One where you can optimize your outfit selections and simplify your daily routines?

Add some intimacy to your closet space with your very own dressing area. Peach Closet’s dressing spaces allow you privacy and focused attention on your outfits of the day.

Any of our beautifully finished woods would make for a perfect tri-fold to designate a space for you or your guests to get ready or un-ready.

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Enjoy the luxury of dressing in privacy (much like when shopping at your favorite boutique or department store), but right in the comfort of your own closet at home.

Furthermore, if you ever need to have clothing tailored at home, a private dressing area is the perfect spot to do so.

Plus, steaming clothing or preparing special garments couldn’t be easier with this added feature in your bedroom closet.

You can even use this space for guests who are staying over! It’s perfect for any bedroom or closet space and will make your life so much easier.

Drycleaning Racks

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If you’re looking to go the extra mile in your closet features, Peach can provide just that for you.

Go above and beyond with your very own dry cleaning rack right at home.

Separate those garments that require special cleaning care, and have them ready to go off to the cleanersin their own designated place with a customized dry cleaning rack.

The day has finally come where you have at-home ways to accommodate your high standards of living and care where your wardrobe is concerned.

This is now possible thanks to at-home dry cleaning racks now available with Peach Closets. For all of your garments that need a delicate touch, our dry cleaning racks will allow you to separate them from the rest of your laundry pile. Head out with style to show off this one-of-a-kind accessory at home!

Now with Peach Closets’ variety of dry cleaning racks that can tailor to all your needs, you’ll now have an extended customized detail of your dream closet.

Furthermore, dry cleaning on demand could now even be a possibility for you!

We all know that it can take a ton of time to get dry cleaning done for your suits, jackets, evening dresses, etc.

Save both time and a trip to the cleaners with our dry cleaning installations that can be delivered right to your home.

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Inquire for Additional Peach Closets Accessories Including:

Shoe Racks
Jewelry Display Storage
Concealed Hampers
Hideaway Ironing Board
Pull Out Mirrors
And More.

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